3M™ Belt-mounted Powered Air Powered Respirator (PAPR) Assembly GVP-1 NiMH
A belt-mounted powered air purifying respirator is a motorized blower unit worn at the waist, that can deliver filtered air into a hood, helmet or facepiece. There are several belt-mounted PAPRs in the 3M line. The motor is typically powered by a NiCad battery. Two of the belt-mounted units allow the wearer to choose from a wide selection of filters that offer flexibility and freedom to work in a variety of industrial environments (Organic Vapor, Acid Gas, Formaldehyde, Ammonia, high efficiency particulate filter, and more). There are other beltmounted PAPR solutions that offer a compact, single high efficiency particulate filter. These systems are compatible with many different styles of headgear ranging from lightweight hoods, hardhats, helmets and half and full facepiece respirators. You build the system that best fits your needs.

This assembly with NiMH battery includes; 3M™ Motor Blower GVP-100, Battery Pack BP-15, Smart Battery Charger BC-210, Waist Belt GVP-127, Flow Meter GVP-113, Power Cord GVP-210, Blower Plug GVP-115. This assembly is not intrinsically safe.

3M™ GVP-Series Cartridges and Filters
Acid Gas Cartridge GVP-402
Acid Gas/High Efficiency Cartridge GVP-442
Ammonia Cartridge GVP-404
Ammonia/High Efficiency Cartridge GVP-444
Formaldehyde Cartridge GVP-405
Formaldehyde/High Efficiency Cartridge GVP-445
High Efficiency Filter GVP-440
Organic Vapor Cartridge GVP-401
Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge GVP-403
Organic Vapor/Acid Gas/High Efficiency Cartridge GVP-443
Organic Vapor/High Efficiency Cartridge GVP-441/07196(AAD)

3M™ GVP-Series Hoods H-Series
3M™ Hood Assembly H-412/07044(AAD), with Collar and Hardhat, Tychem® QC
3M™ Hood Assembly H-422, with Inner Shroud and Hardhat, Tychem® QC
3M™ Hood Assembly H-411/07030(AAD), with Collar and Cap Suspension, Tychem® QC
3M™ Hood Assembly H-421, with Inner Shroud and Cap Suspension, Tychem® QC

  • Part No: 3MGVP-1