Fit-Rite Safety Wear Inc.Fit-Rite Safety Wear Inc.Fit-Rite Safety Wear Inc.
  • PFL-4/9FT
    The lightweight, compact design of the 9 ft. (2.7 m) Miller Scorpion Personal Fall Limiter provides ...
  • GA24XT
    GasAlertClip Extreme As the world's most popular and widely used zero-maintenance gas detector, the...
  • HD337
    Black Modacrylic/cotton FR Sweatshirt with removable Hoodie, zipper front, weight is 25oz. Per linea...
  • HP641
    Kilimandjaro This wide brim hat offers added sun protection to ears & neck from harmful UV rays and...
  • HP66-507I
    Cut resistant Butyl rubber glove, safety PE cuff...
  • HP942JPTL
    Grain Leather Patch palm Thinsulate Lined Glove...
  • FP4001D
    DSI Construction “B-Compliant” Economy Vest Style Harnesses with 1 large back stamped...
  • ELW323
    Aluminum Alloy Knee-Shin-Instep Guard Maximum resistance to impact, penetration. Built of aircraft ...
  • RC450
    450 Series Rubber Wheel Chocks Standard of the Utility Industry Roadblocks 450 Series Rubber Wheel...
  • JHD-126-150MA
    Light Duty Amber Strobe light with Cigarette Lighter adapter cord 12-28V Single-flash, light-duty s...
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